On Hiatus

We’ll be back in 2018!






Okay, so here’s the deal. Maintaining a blog is hard, despite what all of Pinterest says. Mostly because there are two of us, we set really high standards for our content (think science, not click-bait), and we also have jobs/a crazy life, AND we’re working our way back down the west coast this summer (aka: moving… again).


So, while we were trying to get our shit together and swim right through the thick of the interwebs, we ended up flailing and drowning ourselves with the advice and critiques of people who weren’t us.


We ended up going a bit off target, then we realized we didn’t really have a target, then we fought about what the target should be (don’t worry, we’re good at fighting 😊), then we realized that we don’t even have the firepower to hit the target that we wanted. So, instead of falling short, failing ourselves, and continuing to drown in the oblivion of the internet, we’re taking a break.


We’ll be back.


Specifically, in 2018.


At the beginning.


In January. We’re relaunching in January.


Sticking around will be worth it though! Here’s why:




It’s all about anthropology: studying people, culture, society, ideology, interactions, you know, anthropology. So, our goal this time around is to keep it simple, to bring you ideas, theories, science, culture, and the like without the click-bait. This is not a travel blog, we don’t have any special thing figured out that will inspire you, and we’re not here to tell you how to live your life.


We just want to be curious, to learn and struggle together.


So when we come back, we will have blog posts once a week about topics related to anthropology, things like: how society has impacted scientific classification, how the discipline of anthropology has adapted to technology, how/why we include heritage as part of our identities (and whether we should or not), and other big questions about people, culture, science, philosophy, history, etc.


We can’t wait for your feedback, your ideas, your criticisms, your research, and your experience to weigh in on these blog posts! We are looking for a community, for the people interested in learning, growing, challenging, and acting as a part of the world moving forward, not mere observers of it.


We are also going to be launching a segment that we haven’t named yet, but where we’re going to just tell short stories about interesting cultural experiences we’ve had, and we are so excited to hear if you guys have had any similar experiences, or can explain something that happened, or tell a story of your own!


We are extremely passionate about EA and are going to keep at it throughout the year so that when we come back, we have tons of new and quality content, we stick to our goals, and we can bring you guys new ideas, information, and all the amazing diversity of anthropology!


We hope you’ll stick around!




Follow us on social media feeds and we’ll just pop up when interesting things are going on, like re-launching EA! Or sometimes not-interesting things. Sometimes we think things are interesting and we get this face: -_-


We’ll try to keep those to ourselves.


Mostly they involve puns.


Mostly it’s Jake making that face.


I’m not ashamed.


Anyway, you can find us (pun-free) on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram. We also may or may not have a Tumblr and Google+. We’ll get back to you on those, we were really excited about social media a while back (way too excited), but now we’re keeping it to a minimum. 


You can also follow us on Feedly or another RSS feed reader. We’ve been struggling with the RSS stuff, but we’ll get it worked out.


You can subscribe to our email newsletter (which doesn’t exist yet), and get a once-a-month awesome collection of cool anthropology things, like a featured artifact (think Valdivian pottery, not the Rosetta Stone) and other cool stuff!


We hope you’ll stick around, and we’ll see you in January!