About Everyday Anthropology


It all started on the floor of your standard uni apartment, littered with snack wrappers, coffee mugs, and half-written papers. As finals approached again, I had a new list of essays to write on... whatever I wanted? Anthropology professors seemed to get a kick out of our panic as we begged and pleaded with them to give us some sort of direction. Anything you want is a pretty big responsibility, and more often than not, I found myself lacking ideas right around that time of year.


Of course, all the other times, I was full of them!


So I started a notebook, and just filled it with thoughts, questions, ideas, theories, random observations, you name it. And by the time my next finals came around, I was banging my head on the floor for completely different reasons (like paying rent, or my awful job, or the million other things that go wrong in your 20s). And it would be cool, I guess, if that was it. Hey, I had a notebook, and it was cool, so I made a blog about it. But that would be way more forward thinking than I will ever be prepared for.


Fast forward a couple years, Jake and I moved to San Diego, CA and I walked around a new city looking for new friends and missing old ones, and just all around still struggling with the whole anything you want deal. Sounds like a good time to start a blog, no?


Well...I didn't.


Nope, I talked about doing it. Made new friends who encouraged me to do it, kept that old college notebook in case I did it.


But I didn't do it.


Then Jake got bored of research and we started talking about ideas. What we wanted, out of anything, what we wanted to do, see, create, or how we wanted to live. And when we looked at what was stopping us from those things, it seemed pretty silly that we weren't already exploring the world.


So we started this blog!


At first, it was a hobby (and a hot mess). A way to write about all the things we talk about with each other and over and over with any friends who will listen. It was an experiment, a toe in the water of anything. Could we really live, reaching out and adventuring through the world, challenging ourselves mentally and physically, making meaningful connections with people, and just doing more with our lives?


It quickly became a challenge to ourselves and to each other. Because if nothing else, we can try. And so far, we are proving to each other everyday that we can.


So now we are looking for you. For the people interested in fuller lives, in meaningful conversations, in challenges and forming a community that can change the world!


Everyday Anthropology is a blog about history, culture, travel, science, health - really, it's just about living.


Living everyday!


It's about creating a community of people who want to live, everyday.


So join us, follow us, question us, challenge us, explore with us, change the world with us!


live with us.

About Everyday Anthropology


Things We Both Like:
















New Food






That's Jake. Jake hates talking about himself (unless it's to convince you to do something that's good for you but you will probably hate). So I will tell you about Jake. He really likes health and science and travel and anything that looks like a system, but can be hacked to be more efficient, accessible, or just better. He's done Parkour for as long as I've known him, has served his time in science research (for now), has degrees in biomedical sci and criminal justice, cus why not, and get's a little weirdly excited about travel deals when he's going through his email in the morning. Also, he goes through his email at 7am because unlike normal humans, he just wakes up at 6.

He really likes waterfalls and hikes that only go uphill, and is obsessively snobbish about his green tea. He loves learning about new ideas and is always challenging himself for ways to improve and be better. And he gives really good health advice!





I also hate talking about myself. But here goes: I am a writer. I even got a degree for it (and anthropology, if you were wondering). I've been working on writing a book for a couple years now. Except the "book" has actually been four vastly different stories. But I'll actually be finishing one soon! (Probably). I... like coffee, and...podcasts!

I was an editor for a while, I also ran a language school, which was fun! I like to read a lot. All the time, actually. All of the time.

I have played soccer for pretty much ever, and was really bad at it my whole life except for a golden two years in college, but then I broke my ribs, and my foot, and my ankle... so now I just watch my teams and slowly face my fear of the pitch like the reasonable twenty-something I am. Other than that, I write and read and follow Jake around on adventures. I'm going to make Jake write my bio instead. If you're reading this... I'm sorry. Blame Jake.