What Does an Acceptable Protest Look Like?

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      On Wednesday, we talked about whether or not protesters have rights. In that discussion, I mentioned that we should instead define what an acceptable protest looks like, rather than defining it by it’s negative (things that are … Continued

POV: Do Protesters have Rights?

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    Recently, several proposals have been made which would limit or impede the impact of and/or rights of proteestors. These proposals are vague, but some are reported below:     General list from The Washington Post – List of … Continued

The Media is Just Going Through a Basic-Needy-Girlfriend Phase

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    I had a whole extended metaphor going about how the media is your needy girlfriend, but I honestly got really bored writing about it. Plus, you can just google “the media” and find tons of hate articles about … Continued

POV: 6 Ways People Show Love Around the World

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  They call it Valentine’s day.   They say it is a Hallmark holiday, despite sufficient research and resources attributing the holiday to much more ancient pagan traditions.   Everyday products sold in stores are suddenly packaged in the colors … Continued

POV: Our 5 Tips for Debating People Who Refuse to Debate

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  Sometimes people suck. Sometimes people are just being jerks. Sometimes you try to have a conversation and genuinely understand their point of view, or you try to debate and challenge it,  but they just keep attacking you, or they … Continued

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